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Welcome to VB-SC, the home of The Volleyball Strength Coach and the Volleyball Ability Online Program.

My mission is to provide volleyball players the best strength and conditioning information available so that everyone can increase performance, decrease pain, reduce injury, and extend playing longevity. 


Online Program

Advanced VOlleyball Vertical

The 12 Week Program Designed to Get Volleyball Athletes Their Highest Verticals Ever While Keeping their Joints Healthy

What’s included 

12 weeks of 5 workouts per week including weight lifting, plyometrics, technique work, speed and agility work, mobility, and recovery work.-3 Phases of periodization designed to increase muscle and tendon strength then teach you how to apply that newfound strength become more powerful and elastic.

Videos explaining each workout so you know exactly what to do to get the best results

Access to me for form coaching so you know you’re getting the most out of your workouts.


Volleyball Ability Online Program

The ONLY online program written by a volleyball player, for volleyball players. Simple but effective workouts that you can do at with minimal equipment required.

This is a great program for any Athletes newer to the weight room who want to build a foundation of weight training.  

The program includes strength training, plyometrics, jump technique work, speed and agility, mobility, core and more! Also, send in your videos for form coaching to make sure you’re getting the best out of each workout. 

This program is designed to help you reduce pain, prevent injury, increase your vertical jump, and overall help you become a better and more protected volleyball player

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About VBSC

Greg Herceg

Also known as The Volleyball Strength Coach, Greg has been a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach, and functional fitness coach for over 10 years. 

He played Division 1 Volleyball for Ball State University where he got his Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science, Master’s Degree in Sports Performance, and was a First Team All-MIVA selection.

Currently, Greg is a member of Team ECV in the Volleyball League of America and plays beach volleyball both locally and at a competitive level. 


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